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                              Shall We Dance?

 The band plays your favorite song...silence befalls the room.
All eyes turn to the bride and groom's time for the wedding dance.

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Emilio & Blanche Librero


Welcome...and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

There is no other moment in life as romantic as a couple’s first dance as “Mr. & Mrs.” From your professional videographer to every cell phone in the room, that special moment will surely be captured with sound and movement for years to come, so we want it to be perfect!

Dancing is an intimate expression of joy in our lives and your wedding dance is the beginning of a lifetime of memorable celebrations as husband and wife. As couples around the world prepare themselves for the timeless tradition of the “first dance”, they are also having fun learning new steps, and many of them continue their dancing long after their wedding.


If you already have a song, you can find the corresponding dance by either going to a dance studio with your song, or getting an instructional video that shows different dances and then selecting the dance which matches your song.

If you don't have a song, you can first try different dances to see which tempo you feel is most comfortable; and then select a song with that particular tempo.

Allowing enough time to learn and practice together will make the dancing more fun, graceful and relaxed. We recommend starting at least one month ( preferably three months) prior to the wedding day.

The quickest and most effective way to learn to dance is through private lessons from a dance teacher with experience in teaching wedding couples and their families.

All studios offer an introductory course for new students to get started. Try the introductory course in a few studios around your area. Sample a private lesson from them. Also check some of their group activities like a class or a party. Talk to some of their students and observe their dancing.

Studios differ tremendously in atmosphere. Find one that makes you feel at home with both the staff and the students.

 If you live in the Tampa Bay area you can learn about our Studio by clicking on the following link: Libreros Dance Studio


The second most effective way to learn to dance is through instructional videos.

If you are familiar with the dance you want to learn, you can purchase a video on that particular dance. If you are unsure as to what dance you want to do, we recommend a video that samples different dances available, and then choose the one you would like to do.

A helpful guide to our videos

If you need help deciding on the dance, we recommend our "Big Band, Swing & Nightclub Dancing" Video Course, a combination of Instructional DVD and practice music CD - very popular with wedding parties. It covers the Basics in the Foxtrot, Waltz and Blues, as well as other fun dances you can learn and do during the reception.



"Big Band, Swing & Nightclub Dancing"


Instructional DVD

Music CD

Cue Cards





 East Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

Retro Swing


Blues/Slow Nightclub

For additional information on our Big Band Course Click Here

If you already know the dance you would like to do, you can check our selection of individual dance videos


Big Band, Swing &

Nightclub dancing SERIES


Each DVD RUNS approximately 2 hours and includes 15 Step Patterns divided

into three levels of expertise -

from basic to intermediate level

Each DVD is $39


For detailed information

on each dance

click on the dance title








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You will be thrilled to discover that dancing is fun, easy to learn, and a delightful hobby for couples to share.

May you Waltz together through life with a bounce in your step and a song in your heart.

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Steve:  “ I felt like a klutz – but now I feel I can actually do it.  Before when we would go to a party and there was a band, it was terrible.  We sat around like wallflowers.  Now, thanks to Librero’s, we feel proud to go out there and dance.”

Janet: The Librero's System of teaching takes the mystery out of dancing. You learn a step, then another one, and before you know it you're dancing through an entire song.

Dr. Steve Rifkin & Janet Cruz


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