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Rob:  “I always wanted todance but I didn’t think I could. Dancingdoesn’t come naturally to me; but using the Librero’s system, it has reallybeen easy.  Now instead of dreadinggoing out on the dance floor, I really look forward to it.  I am confident going out there - which I never was before.”

Debra:  “I was surprised when heagreed to try to learn to dance.  It’s been a lot of fun and now we have a hobby that we cando together – like having a date every time we go out dancing.”

 Rob & Debra Kraemer



“I am so happy with the Librero’s new danceinstructional series.  They  are #1on my gift list for family and friends.”

Cleta Lang 




Steve:" My wife had been after me for years to take a dance class or something. Finally, I decided to surprise her for her birthday with a few lessons at Librero's, and it has been more fun than I could have ever imagined."

Connie:" I can't believe how easy it is to learn to dance; how much fun it is, and how it helps you stay in shape."

Steve & Connie Marlowe




“SinceI started dancing with the Librero's System,  Ihave become very popular with the ladies.”

K R Hammer




Ken: “Since we started dancing with the Librero's system not only do we have a betterappreciation for music but we also make a point of looking for places wherethere is dancing and have even planned vacations where there is dancinginvolved.”

Cathy: “It's a lot of fun and it brings uscloser together.”

Dr. & Mrs. Ken Louis (Ken & Cathy)




Christy:  “Nowwe’re having more fun than we ever thought possible since finding out aboutthe How to Become a Good Dancer tapes.”

Jim: “Absolutely!”

Jim Faylo& Christy Boccadella



Steve: “ I felt like a klutz – but now I feel I can actually do it.  Before when we would go to a party and there was a band, it was terrible. We sat around like wallflowers.  Now, thanks to Librero’s, we feel proud to go out there and dance.”

Janet: "The Librero's System of teaching takes the mystery out of dancing. You learn a step, then another one, and before you know it you're dancing through an entire song".

Steve Rifkin MD & Janet Cruz



"Before when someone asked me to dance I wanted to disappear. Since learning to dance with the Librero's How To Become A Good Dancer System I don't have any more panic attacks.

The Libreros are excellent teachers, I consider them PhDs in dancing."

Dorothy Tsai



Dick:  “We think the Librero’s dance series is terrific.  Not only is the instruction the best we have found, but it offers the most value.  They cover seven different dances on each video while others out there cover only one.  Also the music CD has fourteen perfect tempo songs – we usually feel lucky if we get one or two good songs when we buy a CD.  

Shirle: We know a good value when we see it.

Dick & Shirle Nanula



Sandy: “The Librero's Series has  a great variety of dances. It is nice to dress up and go out dancing. It creates a very special bond.”

Vern: “As a Forensic Pathologist, dancing is a welcome change of pace for me.”


Dr.& Mrs. Vern Adams (Vern& Sandy)



Rafael: “People think that if you are Latin you should have been born a dancer. Thatwas not true in our case and we did not want to go out on the dance3 floor andshake. Dancing,  like tennis, golf or any other sport  is more funwhen you learn how to do it well from a competent instructor.”

Maruchi:  “With the Librero’s tapes and the Librero’s style of dancing, notonly has it been fun but it is perfect for busy people.  It is very efficient and we learned how to do something that would have taken much, much longer had we tried it by ourselves.”

Dr.& Mrs. Rafael Blanco (Rafael & Maruchi)


Vicki:  “We like dancing because we get to be together.  The Librero’s system is more than learning steps.  You learn style, you learn grace, and it carries over into everyday life– and it’s just a lot of fun.”

Wilton: “It also makes going tomeetings,conventions and even cousin's weddings a lot more fun. We recommend itwholeheartedly to everyone.”

 Drs. Wilton Bunch & Vicky Bunch


Norman: “ What we like most about the Librero’s system is that there are a lot ofdifferent dances and variations, and is very easy to learn.  Blanche & Emilio take you step by step through each phase of thedance.  You never thought you coulddance this well until you start watching these tapes; then all of a sudden thereyou are and you can’t believe what you are doing.”

  Myriam:  “These tapes are veryenjoyable to use at home, and they make wonderful gifts for your friends whoadmire your dancing when they see you on the dance3 floor.”

Dr. & Mrs. Norman Castellano (Norman& Myriam)


“Dancingis a lot of fun. It is great being together and sharing a hobby.”

Thank You Libreros!!!

Gregand Karen Hubner






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