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Welcome to The World of Dance

Welcome to Librero's


Emilio & Blanche Librero

Dear Friend,

There is no better way to add fun, romance  and excitement  to your life than dancing.

It is a delightful hobby for couples to share, and a fast, safe way for singles to meet potential friends and partners.

Do you want to dance - but don't know how to get started? ...We can help! 

We've been teaching at our own Dance School in Tampa, Florida and producing instructional dance videos since 1979.

During all these years, we've dedicated ourselves to providing our students with the easiest and quickest way to learn to dance.

As a result we've fine-tuned a System of Teaching that is Progressive and Interrelated - patterns continue to build on the previous ones and most of them can be transferred from one dance to another. 

Our System will allow you to learn steps quickly and easily. You will also find, that when you learn a few basic steps, you will be able to use them to dance a lot of different rhythms.

You can improve your dancing in one evening - even if you've never danced before and perhaps thought you couldn't. We guarantee it!


Thousands now dance

who never thought they could!


Rob: "I always wanted to dance but I didn't think I could. Dancing doesn't come naturally to me, but using the Librero's system, it has really been easy. Now instead of dreading going out on the dance floor, I really look forward to it. I am confident going out there - which I never was before."

Debra: "I was surprised when he agreed to try to learn to dance. It's been a lot of fun and now we have a hobby that we can do together - like having a date every time we go out dancing."

Rob and Debra Kraemer  

Learning to dance at Librero's can become a life-transforming experience.  It is a doorway to an exciting new life of dancing, fun activities and great friends.

You'll soon understand why couples of all ages who start dancing at anytime in their lives never stop.

Cruises, nightclubs, weddings, reunions, charity balls and parties are always more fun when you know how to dance.

Steve:" My wife had been after me for years to take a dance class or something. Finally, I decided to surprise her for her birthday with a few lessons at Librero's, and it has been more fun than I could have ever imagined."

Connie:" I can't believe how easy it is to learn to dance; how much fun it is, and how it helps you stay in shape."

Steve & Connie Marlowe

Our friendly, well-trained and professional staff can teach you to dance all the popular dances – Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa and Argentine Tango.  Wedding couples are also our specialty.

Our elegant and spacious facility provides the perfect place for you to practice your dancing skills and enjoy fun, weekly dance activities in the company of good friends.

"It took over 20 years to get my husband to Libreros"

Edna: "For over 20 years, I had an advertisement from Libreros posted on our refrigerator hoping my husband would get the hint"  I was shocked when he scheduled our first dance lesson.  We’ve been dancing now for over 3 years and have enjoyed our time together with amazing instruction and meeting so many new friends.

Phil: "I never thought I could dance, but the instructors at Libreros are terrific and make learning fun. I wish we had started 20 years ago."

Phillip & Edna Broyles

We encourage you to give us a try, and experience how easy and fun learning to dance can be.

Ken: “Since we started dancing with the Librero's, not only do we have a better appreciation for music, but we also make it a point of looking for places where there is dancing - and have even planned vacations where there is dancing involved.”

Cathy: “It's a lot of fun and it brings us closer together.”

Dr. & Mrs. Ken Louis (Ken & Cathy)


Add Fun, Romance and Excitement

to Your Life... LEARN TO DANCE!

It's Easy. We'll Show you How!


Start Dancing Today!


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New to Dancing?...  Relax, 

 We Make Learning Comfortable Every Step of The Way! 




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Your Teachers: 

Blanche & Emilio Librero

  Award winning dancers with over 25 years of professional teaching experience at their own Dance School & Club in Tampa, Florida.

  Starring in "Become a Good Dancer" Infomercial throughout the Country.



  Featured on the

David Letterman Late Night Show




  Dance Choreographers for Television Series "Second Noah"




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  Librero's Dance Videos have been featured in consumer reports appearing in newspapers and magazines as well as radio and television stations nationwide.





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